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Most people are run down, but you can do something about it.

Your body has the properties of a battery and most people have run down the power.

Here at RegenUs Center, we help you recharge and restore your body’s energy reserves, optimize your body system, and help you embrace a performance lifestyle to increase your energy, reduce pain, anxiety, and stress.

Based on the power of Bioenergetics, which is the study, detection & correction of energy in living systems… at one level your body is a water battery that is charged using light from the sun, magnetism, and electrons from the earth.

While it’s optimal to be recharged from natural sunlight while walking on the beach…, we don’t all have that luxury in modern life, or if we are fortunate enough to be exercising optimally outdoors we also want to speed up our recovery and recharge our energy as soon as possible.

RegenUs Centers exclusive technology, developed by Mike McIntyre & Harry Massey, two of the top researchers in the fields of Red Light Therapy & Bioenergetics respectively, is designed to do exactly that—it allows you to avoid getting run down with the benefits of Red light, PEMF, and Grounding in order that you can recharge your batteries in 20 minutes.

Where does all that energy go? Right into your body’s energy systems which need to be optimized.

Simply put, the energy and resources in your body are controlled through the body’s master control system—the human body-field, which is able to support your body’s healing process & optimize your body’s overall systems.

At Regenus centers, we partner with you on your energy recharging journey, ensuring you say goodbye to being run down and leave energized, pain- reduced & anxiety, and stress-alleviated, through a simple 4-stage process:

1) Scan Your Body’s Systems in order to identify how to best optimize them & increase your energy

2) Charge Your Body Battery using our fully immersive Light & PEMF Full Body Charger

3) Zap any painful or inflamed areas with bioelectrical stimulation & laser therapy.

4) Coach you in-person & online on how to embrace a Performance Lifestyle so you master your response to stress, and manage your energy like a pro

In 2017 after years of periodic back pain that was intensifying over time, due to becoming run-down, and visiting countless Dr’s, as well as the birth of their second child; co-founders John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM,” spouse and partner Mariahna Suzan decided to figure out the solution to stress-pain and fatigue.

After more than a year of searching, testing, and still no solution, they concluded that it wasn’t enough to do chiropractic, physical therapy, or massage alone, let alone shots or any other manipulation, without proactive recovery if you actually wanted to heal. They confirmed, that to really heal from chronic pain resulting from excess stress, and the build-up of fatigue caused by body processes like sleep… that get shorted over time; regenerative therapies needed to be included in the course of care.

Thus, Regenus Center™ was born with the intention to provide easy access to the best, clinically proven, non-invasive and non-addictive, pain-free services at an affordable price, to clients who are ready transform their lives; or, more specifically— get out of pain, increase their energy, and heal their condition.
If you want to dramatically reduce inflammation and pain, recover from workouts or sports activities, and or dramatically improve your health and wellness, you are in the right place.

Regenus Center is the brainchild of John Allen Mollenhauer & Mariahna Suzan who have spent their lives developing the Performance Lifestyle, along with helping their clients regenerate their energy, reduce pain & alleviate anxiety and stress. The end result is, within 30 days, if you are fatigued you are likely to experience a doubling of your Energy.

Recharge and restore your body and optimize the way you live so you can maintain your energy for life.

Recharge Your Body Battery

You… are a leader.  By your very nature, you have to outperform, but to do so you need to recharge your body battery.

Your day starts early, and it most likely ends late.  You are driven to push your physical, mental, and emotional body up to, and usually beyond its limits.   Unplanned demands and crises add emotional stress to your already full to-do list.  Each new stressor taps your energy reserves.  As your energy draws below your threshold your mental acuity dims and your physical and emotional states diminish. You hit the wall, and you probably do this every day, but you can’t just stop.

The right choice is to replenish.

What if you could flip a switch and recharge the batteries that keep your body running? Yes, your body battery is a real thing. Your body has the properties of a battery.
What if each and every day, you could completely reset and restore depleted energy so that the second half of your day is as energized as the first half?

What if in that same process, you can identify the energetic imbalances caused by stress and toxicity and correct them BEFORE they manifest as illness or disease?

You… Can do this

Cutting edge advances in energy medicine are changing human performance. Over 4000 clinical trials on photobiomodulation alone have shown that Athletes are stronger, faster, and have markedly improved endurance. Cognitive function has been restored after Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Brain Injury, and PTSD. Aging skin and hair can be rejuvenated. Pain can be released in seconds.

Over 4000 studies have shown that the precisely measured application of energy helps people Feel, Think, Look, and Perform, Better.

The reduction in chronic inflammation alone will have profound long-term benefits.

Better yet, recharging your body battery can be done free of drugs and adverse side effects. The side effects are in fact, positive.
First, we scan your body to identify energy-based pathologies that precede physical manifestation with a targeted combination of coded, EZ Water “infoceuticals” and then deliver pulsed, in phase electromagnetic and photonic stimulation of the biofield, cells, and cellular environment.

We then bathe your entire body with precisely metered energies that reduce inflammation, improve circulation, detoxify the cells, and supercharges the body’s charging systems. By first healing the cells, every tissue, organ, and system in your body is driven to its optimal state.

Our ATP Whole-body light therapy Device gives you the immediate restoration of the depleted energy required to be your best, while it simultaneously initiates long term optimization of every tissue, organ, and system in the body.

This bears repeating. Immediate restoration of depleted energy stores with a long term, systematic optimization of every tissue, organ, and system in the body.

You get better faster, and you stay better longer.

Give us a call at RegenUs Center to book your sessions, and inquire about installing the Whole body Battery Charger at your home or office to increase the energy, health, performance, and productivity of you, your team, and employees.

When you can recharge and restore your body when you need it most amazing things happen.

At Regenus centers, we partner with you on your energy recharging journey, ensuring you leave energized, pain- reduced & anxiety, and stress-alleviated, through a simple 4-stage process:

1) Scan Your Body’s Systems in order to identify how to best optimize them & increase your energy

2) Charge Your Body Battery using our fully immersive Light & PEMF Full Body Charger

3) Zap any painful or inflamed areas with bioelectrical stimulation & laser therapy.

4) Coach you in-person & online on how to embrace a Performance Lifestyle so you master your response to stress, and manage your energy like a pro.

The Leader in Whole Body Light Therapy

All the Effects are good—You Just Get Better!

Regenus Center, at Core Therapies—a high-tech / high touch wellness center in Florham Park NJ is the first center of its kind, in New Jersey, to offer multivalve whole-body light therapy or “Photobiomodulation” as part of a complete light therapy program that is helping clients recharge from excess stress and recover from the consequent pain.

What’s new to the mainstream therapy field, and likely the essential missing ingredient is the application of Photobiomodulation (PHOTO—light, BIO—Body, MODULATION—Change). Light therapy is THE most fundamental recovery therapy next to sleep. You change the body with light, and it amps up your bodies self-healing powers to recharge, restore and reactivate.

When the regeneration of energy from light therapy via whole-body, laser and infrared (from sauna) combines with chiropractic, active release technique and other specialized kinetic treatments, and lifestyle re-training; amazing things can happen!

Photobiomodulation, which is basically “photosynthesis for the body” is a process whereby specific wavelengths of photons affect the cells in different ways. Each wavelength seems to have its healing signature.

Red, Near and Far InfraRed light, Green, and even Blue light waves all penetrate the body at different depths, and each wavelength seems to affect slightly different processes. As a general rule, Red light, for example, seems to stimulate energy and reduce inflammation in the skin and green light appears to stimulate circulation better and wound healing. But researchers are finding new benefits as they dig deeper. Blue hits the skin with the most energy but penetrates the skin the least, hence it seems to kill surface bacteria and viruses.

Infrared [IR] penetrates all the way down to the bones and sometimes through, so IR is the best choice for neuromuscular and deep tissue, organ repair. Within each color – there can be different healing signatures.

The general activity is that the cells are both detoxified and energized, and in so doing, they get healthier. The cells are the building blocks for the tissues organs and systems.
Heal the cells, and you heal the tissues organs and systems.

While there are over 500 peer-reviewed studies with up to 30 studies now coming out each month; the main effects that researchers seem to be sharing boils down to 4 cellular processes:

1. Inflammation— A reduction in oxidative stress and inflammation has been shown in nearly every study, and this seems to be the most recognized cellular benefit – Inflammation is the leading cause of disease, including cancer, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. A full body system, like you’ll find in the Regenus Center at Core Therapies, treats the entire body – the largest organ, your skin and the largest mass, your muscles. The whole body is illuminated by the system using the same energies, shown effective in 30 years of research.

Free of side effects, the benefits accumulate. You Just Get Better.

2. Reduce Toxicity- Toxic threshold is a point whereby the body is overloaded with its ability to process internal and external toxicity. That threshold is the point where most naturopath and integrative medical doctors suggest disease originates. What we want for peak performance is to minimize toxins and optimize nutrients and energy.

Photobiomodulation seems to aid in detoxifying the body of waste and free radicals. Adding a multiwave system to a full body chamber, might prove to reduce toxicity in different ways, at different cellular depths, and present different healing signatures that reduce the energy the body dedicates to fighting over toxicity and reallocates it towards performance.

Think of your body like a 1000-watt light bulb. You have 1000 watts available to manage trillions of processes. Stress and anxiety might steal 100 watts from that total, and it can cause inflammation. Environmental and food toxicity can cause LGS (leaky gut syndrome) which escalates into cellular toxicity and inflammation which might steal another 200 watts. Even something as simple as desire consumes energy. The brain, which consumes most of the power of the body, dedicates energy to focus on what you want.

The focus of full body multiwave Photobiomodulation is to create detoxification and energy production throughout the entire body in as many ways as we can and for as much of the body as we can.

The benefits accumulate and You Get Better.

3. An increase in cellular energy – The current theory of aging centers on the dysfunction of the energy-producing mitochondria. The older we get, the more oxidative stress we accumulate, and the more damaged our mitochondria become. Mitochondria are in a cell like a motor is in a car. ATP is like Fuel. The respiratory chain inside the mitochondria is kind of like the fuel pump, fuel line and fuel injectors of a vehicle.

So, imagine a 4-cylinder motor in a car with 250,000 miles on it. Things go wrong with the engine; the fuel pumps go out, the fuel lines get clogged, and it stops being able to use the gasoline.

Photobiomodulation is kind of like cleaning up the fuel system and replacing the motor with a brand new V8. The increase in energy production coupled with the reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation. This new healthy energy trickles down into the tissues, organs, and systems. These side effects are all positive. You just get better. You have less toxicity to fight, less inflammation, and more energy to live.

You just get better – all the effects are good.

4. Increased circulation – Photobiomodulation seems to stimulate the angiogenesis of new arteries which improves the flow of nutrients to the cells. Now your cells are fed with not just energy, but nutrients and done so within a less toxic cellular environment.

You just get better – the side effects are good

An arthritis patient may, for example, find that Photobiomodulation reduces pain. At the same time, they may see that their skin starts to look better. That sprained knee that happened to fall off the step seems to be gone. And they are sleeping better and waking up more refreshed because of better assimilation of ATP.

Traditional medicine treats toxic threshold with toxic chemicals or procedures. While it may alleviate some nasty symptoms, the additional toxicity wears on the body. What we ultimately want is to feed and energize the cells while we reduce toxicity. Photobiomodulation seems to do this.

You get better, and the side effects are good!

Visit the Regenus Center at Core Therapies 17 Hanover Rd, Suite #300 in Florham Park NJ to look, feel and perform better!

Regenerate more ATP Energy with Whole Body PBM Therapy

We get it, getting into the quantum level of healing can feel downright metaphysical, but for the purposes of this article and your life, set that story aside for a minute because science is now capable of explaining what used to be hard to grasp.

What I’m about to explain to you, with several links in tow, may look complicated and complex it is, but that doesn’t meet you can’t grasp it. You can. Keep in mind, don’t need to know all the inner workings of a clock to tell time. you just need to get some basic concepts. Almost all of us have an idea of what goes on inside of the clock with the gears doing their thing, so we rely on clocks and are proficient at telling time.


That same thing is happening now with the understanding of our cells and their impact upward or downward in our lives. What this article will do, is give you a sense of what’s happening in your cells, and how you can affect it, to give you more ATP energy and to heal at the cellular level from the effects of excess stress, that will positively affect you all the way up to your daily experience of life.

This inquiry is at the root of why we started Regenus Centers so that people could get well at the cellular level and compound those positive benefits through lifestyle re-training to look, feel and perform better.

Our method of healing is the core recovery therapy of all time and the cornerstone of a Regenus Center—Light.

Over 3000 research studies have highlighted the numerous benefits to the tissues, organs, and systems in the body that accrue after light therapy treatments (called photobiomodulation or PBM Therapy and traditionally called Low-Level Light Therapy) that are stimulatory. The benefits span aesthetics (skin and hair), pain management and cognitive function, performance recovery and wellness.

Skin-related benefits include improved wound healing, increased collagen formation and tightening of the elastin layer. Green light seems to be beneficial for hyperpigmentation, acne, MRSA and similar bacteria and viruses.

Performance benefit studies have shown that athletes are stronger, faster, have more endurance after treatments and they are better protected in competition against injury.

Wellness-related benefits stem from several factors including (1) reduced inflammation (2) improved circulation (3) improved mitochondrial function (energy or ATP), …(4) improved quality of blood circulating and (5) increased detoxification of waste and free radicals. What this means is that as we improve cell function, the benefits trickle up into the tissues, organs, and systems. People feel better, and they get better.

For those that want to Geek out on the science of regenerating more ATP energy with whole body PBM Therapy…

Research is ongoing about the mechanism of LLLT, or now PBM Therapy. The effects of PBM appear to be limited to a specified set of wavelengths of laser,[1] and administering PBM Therapy below that dose range does not appear to be effective.[2] Photochemical reactions are well known in biological research; it may be that the light applied in PBM Therapy might react with the respiratory enzyme cytochrome c oxidase which is involved in the electron transport chain in mitochondria.[12][18]

An electron transport chain (ETC) is a series of complexes that transfer electrons from electron donors to electron acceptors via redox (both reduction and oxidation occurring simultaneously) reactions, and couples this electron transfer with the transfer of protons (H+ ions) across a membrane. This creates an electrochemical proton gradient that drives the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that stores energy chemically in the form of highly strained bonds.

The function of the electron transport chain is to produce a transmembrane proton electrochemical gradient as a result of the redox reactions.[1] If protons flow back through the membrane, they enable mechanical work, such as rotating bacterial flagella. ATP synthase, an enzyme highly conserved among all domains of life, converts this mechanical work into chemical energy by producing ATP,[2]which powers most cellular reactions. A small amount of ATP is available from substrate-level phosphorylation, for example, in glycolysis. In most organisms, the majority of ATP is generated in electron transport chains, while only some obtain ATP by fermentation.

You can read more about why this is so fundamental to life here. It’s not just about being wired and tired, this is part of it, it’s that excess stress on the nervous system has a whole downward cascdade of negative effects from poor sleep, to poor eating, activity, thinking habits and more.

So you need to recognize that what you are doing, that overexertion, in the physical world is having an impact on what’s happening at the cellular level and we often need to look there, act there and heal there if we want to create a cascade upward that causes you to feel better. It’s what preceeds, thinking, looking and performing better.

Pain relief benefits can be both immediate and improve over time. Often joint damage, wounds, nerve pain, and musculoskeletal pain is quickly reduced using red and near-infrared light therapy on an overstimulated nervous system, while root cause healing is initiated for the long-term and potential root cause recovery.

Cognitive benefits have shown that Near-Infrared light can improve and restore brain function in cases of TBI, CTE, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

Here’s the main point:

The benefit curve is broad because the actions begin in the cell. If we can heal the cell we can heal nearly every tissue, organ and system in the body. You just get better.

Photobiomodulation is a term that describes the stimulatory effects of certain wavelengths of light delivered in calibrated energetic intensities to affect positive stimulatory changes in the cells of the body. The positive affects on the cells of the body cascade upward into the tissues, organs and systems creating benefits for nearly every part of the body. Learn More >

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