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Your health, the reason of our existence

We want to support you in all that this period may have represented for you, maintaining and reinforcing our commitment to your well-being. Today, more than ever, your health is our reason to be.

In the present circumstances, the Quantum Wellness method is more valid than ever, as we continue working to help you achieve health and well-being goals that now have become even more important.

These include strengthening the immune system, being in the best possible state of health to prevent disease,  reducing stress and anxiety by rebalancing your emotional health, managing your optimal weight and getting into the habit of taking physical exercise to boost energy and performance.

We designed a T.B.R IMMUNE POWER WEEK program to restore and stimulate body’s natural defences so that it can efficiently combat any external menace.




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Health & Beauty Concepts


Personalized  Holistic Health & Beuty Tourism

A new paradigm of 21st century emerging medicine considers each person as a unique individual with incredible healing abilities. The main goal of this paradigm is to find and eliminate all causes of dysfunctions on all levels: biochemical and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – allowing the body to restore its natural, inherited healing ability and reestablish balance and harmony, which we know as complete health.



The largest wellness economy is Beauty and Anti-Aging at $999 billion followed by Healthy Eating Nutrition and Weight loss at $648 billion, Fitness and Mind-Body at $542 billion, Preventive and Personalized medicine and Public Health at $534 billion, Complimentary and Alternatives Medicine at $199 billion, Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate at $119 billion, Spa at $99 billion,Thermal /Mineral Springs at $51 billion and Workplace Wellness at $43 billion. Why is wellness growing? 3 reasons: 1. Economic – more people who have money to spend 2. Health chronic disease is increasing 3. Shift in our collective consciousness. More info….

Health & Beauty Concepts

If you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and still feel lousy, we know it can be frustrating and you just want to give up.  In conventional medicine, there’s a doctor for every part of your body, but in Health & Beauty Concepts we see the body to be an interconnected whole, within a larger environment.  We recognize that in order to treat one part of the body, all of the other parts must also be considered.

We provide a natural holistic approach rooted in Integrative, Functional and Quantum medicine using traditional as well as unconventional tools to identify and recommend a treatment plan.



Helvetia is the leading Health and Lifestyle Club with focuses on creating a balanced lifestyle for our members; our philosophy is to incorporate all aspects of health, wellbeing, fitness and dietary advice into a sustainable lifestyle for all members to ensure that they are healthy from the inside out. MORE INFO…

Choose the ideal program for you

Disease is never a coincidence, but a result of our lifestyle. With the many daily demands, it can be difficult to maintain balance. This is why we developed intensive weekly programs to help you pause and focus on your health before returning to your normal life with renewed strength and the ability to face the everyday challenges. Be it for a weekly liver cleanse, fasting, heavy metals or a customized program, our packages are designed to prevent disease as well as regulate and detoxify your body.

Make use of the opportunity to have your health analyzed in detail at the Belgrade and Doha holistic center. When was the last time you had a health check that went further than blood work? During our holistic program, we look at your detoxification and regulatory systems, autonomic nervous system and more to understand what is going on and help you gain optimal long-term health.

Our immune system wants and needs to be challenged every day, only the daily handling of the microorganisms and the stimulus they trigger makes it strong and increases its immune competence. Provided that its internal microorganism can stay in balance! This is the only way it can curb any enemy attack immediately, and with every confrontation he has won, the following is a piece of cake.


With all the toxicity in the world today, all of our bodies need a break from time to time – a fresh start to re-energize and embark upon a healthier path. Quantum Wellness offers 7-night and 7-night detox programs for those seeking to cleanse and purify in a safe way, guided by a certified natural health professional in a serene and beautiful environment.

Cellular Anti-aging Therapy is innovative available for slowing, and even reversing, the aging process in patients that are seeking an all natural, non-surgical treatment option. 

If you are interested in taking control of your cellular health and addressing anti-aging, schedule an appointment with one of our Board Certified Physicians to measure the health of your cells and provide a personalized, tailored natural treatment protocol.

Contact us today at Cellular Health – Phone: 063 10 20 702

Balance between activity and rest, tension and relaxation are key to re-charge batteries and regenerate your body. Our program provides this perfect balance between specific therapies as well as a self-guide program, such as hikes, work-outs or simply Quantum relaxation.

Although there is no standard definition, burnout or chronic fatigue syndrome is real and affects the regulatory ability. Using psychological counselling, therapies and treatments, we help burnout patients discover behaviors and find a way out of the cycle.

Fasting gives the body rest, provides relief to the metabolism and time to regenerate. Our intensive therapeutic fasting week is medically assisted and helps to detoxify and cleanse the tissues through freshly prepared juices and soups as well as a few therapies.